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Men In Grey

from Neural # 37 > >> What is hidden in the air? We have observed increased sublimation of human thought into the application layer of the Internet, proportional to both the number of computer users and the emergence of new protocols. Of particular interest to our organisation currently are emmissions from 802.11 devices, resulting in […]

Esse, Nosse, Posse: Common Wealth for Common People (2010)

The network society and especially the internet culture of the last twenty years has changed our mode of working, communicating and living. The numerous and continuously evolving digital networks of people, institutions, movements and organisatations have been based on the new possibilities of technology  but have also given birth to new forms of economy and […]

Mark Amerika – Unrealtime (2009)

The National Museum of Contemporary Art presents from October 22nd, 2009 until January 3rd, 2010, for the first time in Greece, a retrospective exhibition of the American artist and pioneer in the media arts field, Mark Amerika. The first presentation of his work in Greece took place in the framework of EMST’s online exhibition titlted […]

Κonteiner # 5 / Networks (2010)

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From real to Unrealtime: A conversation between Mark Amerika and Daphne Dragona

excerpt from the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Unrealtime D.D.: What’s the essence of time for your writings and works? You are often referring to “Unrealtime”, “make/fake time”, “asynchronous realtime”, and “timeless time,” different notions that negate time’s very nature but reflect our contemporary experience of time in the digital era. How do these notions and […]