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Can someone pause the counting for a second please? @ Paraflows 7, Vienna

Keynote @ Paraflows 7, Vienna, 2012 The social media world is a competitive world. Friends’ scores, likes’ ratings and comments’ counts are some of the most common features in a social network profile. Numbers matter. Not only because they offer a certain sense of self affirmation to the user but also because they define what […]

Critical Play: The game as an art form @ MoMA (respondent’s panel)

17 & 18 May, 2012 Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York The Contemporary Art Forum presents timely and innovative programs (lectures, conversations, and performances) that address pressing issues in contemporary art, and grow out of discussions with MoMA curators. Participants include artists and designers, critics, curators, and scholars, among others. From Marcel Duchamp’s chess […]

Ian Bogost

from Neural You are known as a game designer, a writer, a critic, a researcher, a professor. You have an intense presence and activity in the field of independent gaming, although you come from the field of comparative literature. What attracted you the most into the gaming realm? Were you a gamer yourself, since a […]

Re-conquering the gamified city. An old battle on a new urban ground

from ISEA2011 The last few years, a new challenge appeared for the inhabitants of cities around the world. Gamification, the strategy of applying game dynamics and mechanics into non game contexts, reached the contemporary metropoleis and created a new ludic layer over them. Challenges, points and levels have been integrated into the urban environment inviting […]

When friendship gets gamified

published in Springerin 4/11 (Seppukoo by Les Liens Invisibles) “Finally,” a friend commented with relief while we were looking at Google+ last July, “it was so annoying having one thousand Facebook friends, all mixed up with no differentiation. Now you can divide them into groups and the information will be filtered accordingly. Very practical…”. Maybe, […]