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From Parasitism to Institutionalism: Risks and tactics for game-based art

published in Artists Re:thinking Games edited by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garett and Corrado Morgana Fact 2010 (Cory Arcangel, Super Mario Movie) Game-based art kicked off back in the nineties, in the era of the rising of net culture and hacktivism. The releasing of codes of popular games such as Doom and Quake offered the opportunity […]

Video Juegos: Historias Ludicas, Aventuras Insolitas (2009)

VIDEO GAMES: Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected 23 July –  4 October 2009 Centro Fundación Telefónica Lima, Peru “VIDEO GAMES: Tales of Play, Adventures of the Unexpected” is an exhibition on the fantasy worlds and the gaming territories of our times. Through the presentation of the works of well-known artists and independent game […]

Five Assumptions for Real Play

(written for the Ludic Society magazine, issue 5) Johan Huizinga once wrote: Play is a free activity, standing outside ordinary life, as being not serious but at the same time absorbing the player intensely and utterly. It is connected with no material interest and no profit can be gained by it. It proceeds within its […]

Alter gaming

(curatorial text for the exhibition of Gaming Realities, Medi@terra festival, October 2006 Athens) Considering the Different Gaming Realities of our times Play has always been with us. It has guided the course of the world from the very beginning (Eigen & Winkler, 1993). It has always been a way of experiencing, discovering, getting to know […]

Who dares to support today’s independent game scene

(from the catalogue of the symposium – exhibitions Play Cultures, October 2007, Novi Sad) Parasitism: relationship between two species of plants or animals in which one benefits at the expense of the other, sometimes without killing it. Parasitism is differentiated from parasitoidism, a relationship in which the host is always killed by the parasite; (britannica) […]

Who dares to de-sacralise today’s play

(curatorial text for Homo Ludens Ludens, April – September 08, Laboral, Spain) “All creatures live in a world of strong feelings and are dominated by those feelings. We constantly seek to manage the variable contingencies of our lives for success over failure for life over death. Play it self maybe a model of just this […]