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The Power of Counterpower

as published in  Uncertainty Reloaded, Digicult 74, Winter 2013   Abstract: Social networking sites are networks of asymmetry. An amazing wealth of knowledge, information and affects is exchanged through a small number of powerful social networking sites. With privacy policies that enable data aggregation, and plug ins that allow data access to third parties, social […]

Artists as commoners in the years of indebtedness

as published in  Art of Indebtedness, Springerin 4/13   Introduction This “strange sensation of living in a society without time, without possibility, without foreseeable rupture, is debt” Lazzarato writes (2011: 35). Debt relies on promises being made between debtors and creditors which establish power relationships not only for the present but also for the future.  […]

Mapping the Urban Commons

A new representation system for cities through the lens of the commons [as published in Hybrid City II: Subtle rEvolutions proceedings (ed.D.Charitos, I.Theona, D.Dragona. C.Rizopoulos), University Research of Applied Communication, Athens, 2013] by Demitri Delinikolas, Daphne Dragona Department of Communication and Media Studies National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Athens, Greece Pablo de Soto MediaLab […]

Datenspiel (2013)

Tactics of disruption and tools of re-appropriation for hybrid city inhabitants 19-22 & 25-26 May 2013 4 workshops for the city of Athens with Julian Oliver, Danja Vasiliev, Gordan Savicic [Critical Engineering Team] and Sabrina Basten & Audrey Samson [Roger 10-4] A project by Goethe Insitut – Athen in collaboration with Frown Creative Platform curated […]

Netless Dead Drops

For Neural # 38 Since last autumn a new tactic, the Dead Drops, started appearing in spots of public spaces in several cities around the world. First in New York and soon after in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Belgrade, Rome and many other places, USB flash drives could be found cemented into walls, buildings, bridges, […]

The Right to Exit (2011)

Focus Discussion as part of Transmediale 11 conference Participants: Les liens invisible (it), Alessandro Ludovico (it), Paolo Cirio (it), Nathaniel Stern (us), Scott Kildall (us), Jens Best (de) Moderation: Daphne Dragona (gr) In today’s connected reality the elements of online participation – communication, interaction and sharing – are no longer considered possibilities but rather taken […]