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Counter-Infrastructures in Media – N

New article published @ Media-N “Counter-Infrastructures: Critical Empowerment and Emancipation in a Networked World” “With every receding seam, from cable to code, comes a techno-political risk. Without edges we cannot know where we are nor through whom we speak” Julian Oliver writes while discussing stealth infrastructures in the urban environment. [1] Similarly, his colleague Danja […]

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MCD #69 | Net art – WJ-SPOTS#2 : Artists take over the network.

Interview to Anne Roquigny for MCD# 69 Who are you ? can you tell us in a few words who you are and what you have been doing these last years ? Ι am a media arts curator and researcher working and living in Athens and Berlin. I work independently since 2007 and my main […]

Critical Play: The game as an art form @ MoMA (respondent’s panel)

17 & 18 May, 2012 Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York The Contemporary Art Forum presents timely and innovative programs (lectures, conversations, and performances) that address pressing issues in contemporary art, and grow out of discussions with MoMA curators. Participants include artists and designers, critics, curators, and scholars, among others. From Marcel Duchamp’s chess […]

The Power of Counterpower

as published in  Uncertainty Reloaded, Digicult 74, Winter 2013   Abstract: Social networking sites are networks of asymmetry. An amazing wealth of knowledge, information and affects is exchanged through a small number of powerful social networking sites. With privacy policies that enable data aggregation, and plug ins that allow data access to third parties, social […]

Artists as commoners in the years of indebtedness

as published in  Art of Indebtedness, Springerin 4/13   Introduction This “strange sensation of living in a society without time, without possibility, without foreseeable rupture, is debt” Lazzarato writes (2011: 35). Debt relies on promises being made between debtors and creditors which establish power relationships not only for the present but also for the future.  […]

Harun Farocki

for Neural Magazine It’s certainly not often that one gets to visit thought-provoking exhibitions while on summer vacation. But this year at Samos, the closest Greek island to the coast of Turkey, an exhibition by one of the most well-reputed film and video makers of our times took place. Harun Farocki, who lives and works […]