Loophole for All

Paolo Cirio likes exploits. One could say that he is a real virtuoso of today’s networks as he is constantly studying them in order to expose their mechanisms, locate their vulnerabilities and subvert their modes of functioning. In his latest project, Loophole for All, Cirio focused on an obscure side of today’s networked economy, the offshoring. The artist targeted the Cayman Islands, one of the major offshore centers that serve multinationals and banks by providing them secrecy, little or no taxation and loose legal control.  As they allow companies to hide and maximize their profit, offshore centers were seen by Cirio as network switchers which facilitate the flow of corruption for the global market and are therefore worthwhile of being attacked. And so it happened. Cirio hacked the Cayman Islands governmental server, stole a list of 200,000 registered companies and proceeded in issuing for anybody interested counterfeited certificates of incorporations from the company’s registry at a very low cost. Fiction or reality one could ask. As expected, the Caymans Companies Registry denied the incident declaring that the list was not really a hack but rather  a result of search engines which aims to scam people. But unfortunately for them, Cirio had already succeeded his goal.  Exploiting the loopholes that companies themselves use, he took advantage of the offshore companies’ anonymity , appropriated the system and opened the stolen data to the public.  While a ‘democratization of the offshore business’ might be fiction, raising awareness through revealing networks’ invisible structures seems indeed to be possible.



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