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Data Bodies Networked Portraits

Critical reflections on today’s interconnected self Fundacion Telefonica, Lima, Peru As part of the MMcLuhan100 program July 7 – August 28, 2011 We have been living in a networked world for 15 years now. Interconnected sets of nodes, as sociologist Manuel Castells described networks, seem to have progressively become the context of our everyday life, […]

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Codes of Disobedience & Dysfunctionality

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of its collaboration with the University Research Institute of Applied Communication (U.R.I.A.C) of the University of Athens presents from the 5th until the 25th of March 2011 the project Codes of Disobedience & Dysfunctionality realised by British artist Martin Rieser and an interdisciplinary team of students, […]

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Mapping the Commons, Athens

Mapping the Commons, Athens is a collective study, a contemporary reading and an open cartography of Athens and its special dynamic. In a difficult financial period in which the contemporary metropolis seems restless and vulnerable, the Hackitectura collective in collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of young researchers and students seeked for, examined and documented the […]

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Esse, Nosse, Posse: Common Wealth for Common People

The network society and especially the internet culture of the last twenty years has changed our mode of working, communicating and living. The numerous and continuously evolving digital networks of people, institutions, movements and organisatations have been based on the new possibilities of technology  but have also given birth to new forms of economy and […]

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The group exhibition titled “e-MobiLArt” is taking place during 20 May – 10 June in the context of the European project e-MobiLart (European Mobile Lab for interactive media Artists) scheduled activities. The project is sponsored by the E.U. and is coordinated by the University of Athens (Greece), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Laboratory of […]

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post available only in greek

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