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Mapping the Commons, Athens

Mapping the Commons, Athens is a collective study, a contemporary reading and an open cartography of Athens and its special dynamic. In a difficult financial period in which the contemporary metropolis seems restless and vulnerable, the Hackitectura collective in collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of young researchers and students seeked for, examined and documented the […]

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spam me, spam me not

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The group exhibition titled “e-MobiLArt” is taking place during 20 May – 10 June in the context of the European project e-MobiLart (European Mobile Lab for interactive media Artists) scheduled activities. The project is sponsored by the E.U. and is coordinated by the University of Athens (Greece), Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Laboratory of […]

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Tag ties and affective spies

The social web, commonly known as web 2.0, resembles a mixture of promises and contradictions that refer directly to its main components, those of sociality and participation. In the new public spaces of the contemporary info-sphere such as those of the YouTube, the Facebook  or the flickr, people meet, interact and inter-define themselves while they […]

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