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Counter-Infrastructures in Media – N

New article published @ Media-N “Counter-Infrastructures: Critical Empowerment and Emancipation in a Networked World” “With every receding seam, from cable to code, comes a techno-political risk. Without edges we cannot know where we are nor through whom we speak” Julian Oliver writes while discussing stealth infrastructures in the urban environment. [1] Similarly, his colleague Danja […]

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New Babylon Revisited Documentation

A series of actions, workshops and dérivés that starting from Constant’s New Babylon re-discuss issues concerning the free communication of a city’s inhabitants. Artists and theorists propose new architectures of connectivity, inviting the inhabitants to think and act collectively. Pictures from our project now online

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Re-engineering the web – Review of the Othernet Workshop of Danja Vasiliev @ Weise7

from neural In times of increasing online networked surveillance, the need for our disconnection and emancipation from centralized technological platforms becomes more and more crucial. One no longer feels safe when it comes to data. The news is out and the mere charm of constant connectivity is long gone. The growing possibilities of today’s data-driven […]

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[Blank] Project by Soichiro Michara, an experience of the unfelt

first published on   A changing sculpture of bubbles and a weirdly constructed bell catch the visitor’s eye when confronted with Soichiro Michara’s [Blank] project. The environment seems quiet, subtle and cryptic. But on closer inspection one realises that the components of the work, which are both physical and analogue, build two functioning systems […]

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Mapping the Commons receives the Elinor Ostrom Award!

The Mapping the Commons received  “I Premio Elinor Ostrom a la investigación e intervención social vinculada a Bienes Comunes”  in Buenos Aires! More info here:

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Loophole for All

Paolo Cirio likes exploits. One could say that he is a real virtuoso of today’s networks as he is constantly studying them in order to expose their mechanisms, locate their vulnerabilities and subvert their modes of functioning. In his latest project, Loophole for All, Cirio focused on an obscure side of today’s networked economy, the […]

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